For many of us Memorial High School  was home from September until May, from 8:30 am until 3:00 pm . We hope that all of  our activates within class and out side of class has made us better citizens of our communities and has truly been a Memorial to those who gave their lives, that we could have the opportunity of  attending such a school.  To those of us lucky enough to attend Memorial High School we will always have so many fond memories of those years.

Memories like: smoking out behind the Gym, Standing at each end of the halls watching everyone walk by,  Playing ball in the gym at lunch, Ball games, dances, Senior plays, skipping class to go the restaurant (Watson's, Godbey's , & Hogue's) which ever name you knew it by.   

Memorial High was formed in 1952 by consolidating  three local high schools, Highland, Waynesburg, and Kings Mountain. It was named Memorial in honor of the World war II veterans.  It Was closed in 1974 when the county school system consolidate  all the high schools. Kings Mountain Elementary was moved to the Memorial High school Building in the fall of 1974 and the school was renamed Kings Mountain Memorial Elementary and served the community until it was closed in 2006. 

 In 2007 the Building was purchased by Lincoln County Fiscal Court from the Lincoln County  Board of Education and donated to the Community. It is now the  South Lincoln Community Center.

Memorial had 3 principals from 1952-1974.  Lester Mullins was the first and remained principal until 1958, Lawrence Hail took over from 1958 - 1960, Mr. Mullin s returned in 1960 and stayed until 1970.  Jack Blair a long time Ag. teacher became Principal in 1970 and stay until the school was closed in 1974.

Memorial  had 5 basket ball coaches during it existence.  (1) Coach Tolbert Sandlin was the first coach, and Coach Ledford was his assistant.   (2) Next Doyle McGuffey was hired and his assistants were Shannon Hatter and Albert Wall. (2) Coach Monfred Singleton coached part of a season  and Shannon Hatter was also his assistant. Doyle's replacement was  (4) Jim Reynolds , a former player of the first Memorial team and Shannon Hatter was his assistant.  (5). Roger Meek was coach from 1970 to 1974 and Shannon Hatter was also his assistant.

During the 23 years of Memorial existence the Mustangs were in the District Finals 9 times and had 4 runner up titles with   5 tournament championships.










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