William Whitley House
State Historic Site

Built in 1785, was the first brick house west of the Alleghenies. Near the home is Sportsman's Hill, site of the first counter clockwise horse race conducted on the first circular track in America. The home and grounds are a state historic site

Historic Stanford Depot

The original structure built in 1866 and replaced by the existing building in 1912. Used as a museum and community center with park and trail.

First train stop - May 17, 1866
Last train stop - July 8, 1987

Harvey Helm Museum & Library

Built in 1788, this historic library/museum was one of the first houses in Stanford. Originally served as first church in Kentucky, a home in the 1930's and then a library in 1965. Opened in 1971 as it is known today.

Baughman Mill

Built in 1884 with the logs from the first steam mill in the country, known as Buffalo Mill.




Original courthouse on this site was in 1786. Records contained in this building date back in 1779, some written on sheepskin. The Fiscal Court room contains some of the finest portraits of Lincoln County judges.


McCormack Christian Church and Cemetery

Erected in 1819 with brick kilned on the site. Was known as "The Church" because all, including slaves, came to worship. The church is on the National Register of Historic Places. The cemetery dates back to 1780. Service held every sunday.